At Iron Hills Farm, our number one “foal goal” is producing gentle, vibrant, and well-handled foals for our customers. Each mare and foal receives personalized and detailed care. Foals are handled regularly from birth and are introduced to a variety of everyday farm life experiences including meeting other animals, people, farm machinery, indoor, and outdoor living. All foals learn to lead, tie, load quietly into a trailer, bathing, as well as  other important youngster lessons. As they age, our foals also learn equine social skills through small-herd living with other mares and foals. We believe that starting a foal the right way will set their future up for the best possible outcome, as well as provide the new owner with greater ease in helping their new little bundle of black magic transition into his or her new home!

*Please see our expecting mares with available in-utero contracts below*

Ellie with 5-day-old Friesian filly “Nyx”

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  • Vinyasa’s 2023 Purebred colt “Warriors Legend IHF”
    Vinyasa’s 2023 Purebred colt “Warriors Legend IHF”

Yvanna Fan Blessing Hill

Our 16-hand gorgeous and hairy Purebred KFPS Friesian mare by the KFPS approved stallion Bene 476. Yvanna is social, attentive, very nosy and beautiful! She always wants a scratch or a snack and comes running whenever she spots a person. Yvanna earned 2nd Premie at her KFPS keuring as a foal. She is in foal to the Friesian stallion Adrianus TMR for a spring 2025 foal.

- In-Utero contract will be available this August

-Upcoming 2025 foal price: $12,000

-15% required to reserve

Janké Z. 

Our largest and most baroque mare on the farm. Janke (pronounced “Yan-kah” in Dutch) stands 16.1 hands tall and is the daughter of the KFPS approved stallion Sipke 450. Janke is a gentle giant, with a quiet and sweet nature. She is steady and reliable as a riding partner and LOVES grooming time in the barn. Janke is in foal to Drogo IHF for a spring 2025 KFPS/FHH foal. 

-In-Utero contract available will be available in August

 -Upcoming 2025 foal price: $12,000

-15% required to reserve

Rayné Fan Stal Snyder

Big thank you to Lisa Cooper-Haitz from Wind Blu Stables for allowing us to purchase Rayné, and Snyder Performance Horses for breeding such a nice young mare! Rayné is the newest addition to our farm and is a daughter of Julius 486 x Bonie B (BII) x Andries 415. Rayné is an absolute sweetheart with an extremely friendly “old soul” personality. We are enjoying getting to know her and letting her settle in and make friends in her new home this summer. 

Toura J. 

A beautiful baroque KFPS daughter of the great Anton 343, Toura stands 15.3 hands tall and has a breathtaking appearance and sweet character, common to the Friesian breed. She is quiet, curious and has amazing movement both at liberty and under saddle. 

No foals currently available 

Tanneken of WHF

No foals currently available