Drogo IHF”

Drogo is the true picture of the traditional baroque-built Friesian. A real life black beauty with a wonderfully social and approachable personality. Drogo’s first foal possesses his incredible presence and his unmistakably Friesian build and movement. Drogo’s training under saddle began this spring of 2023 and his progress shows great promise as a recreational riding and future competition horse. He exhibits a natural confidence and bravery to each new concept and catches on to instructions with a quick mind and great memory retention. Drogo’s foals should excel well in multiple disciplines from dressage, driving, to recreational riding for enjoyment.

Drogo’s stats:

Son of the Approved stallion Bene 476

Dam sire: Wicher 334

16.1 hh

*Dwarfism, Hydrocephalus, Distichiasis, AND red factor negative*

We will be offering a select few first breedings to Drogo for the fall 2023 breeding season. 

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